• Where Did All the Money Go? The Financial Decisions that Went Into Creating 59 Days in New York
    When the final dollars came in on that fateful night of March 22, 2014, I was amazed. We had raised $13,045 via Kickstarter. To a person who’d been living on a $1.50-a-meal budget* for her first months in NYC, that felt like an awful lot of money. Still, I knew from having cranked our 59 … Read more
  • The Artistry of New York’s Litefeet Subway Dancers
    I may be a sucker for loving this, but one of my favorite things is a good subway performance. The love affair started when I moved to New York in February 2013. One of my first days in the city, I was having a particularly rough morning. I had pulled an all-nighter to complete my … Read more
  • Four Lessons from a Newbie’s First New York Audition
    Amy auditioning in Episode 9 of 59 Days in New York. Whenever I go home and visit my old music teachers and friends, they all ask expectantly, “Are you auditioning?” Every time they ask, I offer up my standard line: "I am writing and producing my own material, as opposed to … Read more
  • 59 Days in New York Reflections: Creating Episode 6
    Of all the 59 Days in New York episodes I have released so far, episode 6 has gotten the most polarizing reactions — at least from the few team members and sponsors who have watched the rough cut. The opinions divide into two camps. For Camp A, episode 6 is not their favorite – it’s … Read more
  • Coming Soon…
    This blog is in progress. It's currently gestating in the notebook I keep on the subway and in the Google Doc where I write my midnight musings. Please check back in the aftermath of the 59 Days in New York Kickstarter campaign for more thoughts on musical theatre and surviving as an artist in New … Read more