Wellesley College Commissions

Starting in my senior year, I had the privilege of working with Wellesley College’s Department of Communications and Public Affairs as a composer on two separate video projects. Both projects needed original scores that would musically represent the College’s ideals, traditions, and vision for the future.

Snowflake 101: A Winter Video Greeting

In November 2011, Wellesley College commissioned me to write a piece for the winter video greet, which was to be released to 30,000 current alums, students, and faculty members. In order to pay homage to the College’s love of tradition, I used the Alma Mater as the inspirational theme and evoking the Wellesley’s carillon in the sound of the bells.

In conjunction with the Snowflake 101 video, the College also created a meet-the-composer video of me talking about the writing process.

Every Morning with Madeleine Albright

In September of 2013, I composed the music for the Women World Partners video Every Morning, narrated by Madeleine Albright. Since the video had already been created and Albright’s voice already recorded, the goal of this piece was to create a positive background that would complement the former Secretary of State’s spoken rhythm.